From the Juche Viewpoint

Chairman Kim Jong Il, sitting together with some officials on May 1st, Juche 95 (2006), said that May Day had been known to be an international holiday for workers all over the world so far, but it was necessary to renew its understanding, and he confirmed the grounds one by one. Giving the officials a clear picture of the changed position of the working class and their social and class relationships with scientific evidences and logical arguments, he said: The concept of working people includes workers, farmers and intellectuals. Calling May Day a holiday for the workers the world over is not accurate for the character of our Party. Our Party is a mass party of the working people that consist of the progressive elements of workers, farmers and intellectuals. So when we say it is a holiday of the working class, it is felt like the mass character of our Party is belittled…. Saying that after liberation, our Party saw to it that workers, farmers and intellectuals enjoy May Day altogether as a working people’s holiday, he continued that we should change the slogan “Workers of all countries, unite!” into “Working people of the whole world, unite!” in our own way from now on and keep to it, stressing that it is just Juche.