Jo Jan 22, 2023

A research team led by Nam Sung Chol, a researcher at Mirae Academy of Science and Technology, has developed an agglutinated blood cell splitting flake with natural materials, which prevents aging by diluting thick blood.

If you wear it on your skin, you can keep yourself in good health without taking medicines or injections. It is very useful for middle-aged and elderly people.

The research team activated natural minerals with good property of far infrared radiation and mixed several additives, thus fabricating material with excellent radiation property. Then, with these materials, they continued to develop an agglutinated blood cell splitting flake, a simple functional health product that improves life activities and cures diseases by diluting thick blood.

The product radiates far infrared rays (2.5-15 ㎛) corresponding to the intrinsic absorption wavelength band of body cells and tissues with high efficiency, generates a large number of anions to improve the circulation of blood, restores the pH of the body to normal level (7.35-7.45 pH) and facilitates the uptake of nutrients and excretion of waste from the body.

Hence, it helps to prevent and treat various diseases if it is worn regularly.

By improving the microcirculation of blood, it activates the metabolism of organ tissues and it has good effect on headaches due to geomagnetic phenomena and circulatory disturbances, autonomic ataxia, limbs numbness, stress disorders due to excessive mental labor and on removing harmful cations due to electromagnetic waves from a long time of being in front of computers and televisions. It also stabilizes blood pressure, improves dyslipidemia (high hypolipoproteinemia, low hyperlipoproteinemia) and prevents stroke sequelae such as cerebral thrombosis and cerebral infarction.

After one to three months of wearing it, it proves to be effective: the face looks healthier and the skin gets elastic.

It is on a daily increase in its demand.