Fundamental Principle of Workers’ Party of Korea

It was when Chairman Kim Jong Il started work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Seated together with some officials, the Chairman taught that in order to develop our Party into the party of Comrade Kim Il Sung for ever, it was necessary to identify correctly the main task in the Party work and activities, and that it was to thoroughly establish the ideological system of President Kim Il Sung in the entire Party. He continued that it is a fundamental principle of the building of our Party and its activities to establish the ideological system of the President throughout the party, and that it is the most important one to permanently hold fast to in the whole course of its activities as long as our Party exists. He stressed, in an earnest tone, that all of our Party work and activities should be focused on establishing the ideological system of the President, holding him up in higher esteem, and thoroughly implementing his instructions.