Story of Mullet Soup Cooked with Cold Water

One morning in April several decades ago, President Kim Il Sung called an official to acquaint himself with the preparation for a consultant meeting which was due that morning. Calling upon him to organize luncheon for the participants after the meeting, the President friendly asked him if he liked mullet soup cooked with cold water. Judging from his expression of embarrassment that many officials including him must be unfamiliar with it, the President said he was going to give them a chance to try it at lunch time. Noting that despite being one of the well-known specialties of Pyongyang, even its name could hardly be heard of, the President said in a low but serious voice that he was planning to warn the officials by having them try it as they seemed not to be worried about it. At lunchtime, the President with a broad smile on his face encouraged them to help themselves to the mullet soup specially cooked for them, asking for an extra helping. When every one of them told the President they really enjoyed it, the President asked them if they knew how to cook mullet soup with cold water. There was no reply but a look passed between them instead. Looking at them with a smile, the President said that mullet soup cooked with cold water is one of the famous specialties of Pyongyang and explained to them how to cook it. It was the President who was always solicitous about providing our people with the most affluent and civilized living conditions, and leading the officials to voluntarily do many good things that would contribute to the improvement of the people’s living standard and to become genuine servants who take delight of life in it. The story of mullet soup still conveys the benevolent love for the people of the great father.