Chicken and Eggs Returned

One day in April, Juche 40(1951), in the midst of the Fatherland Liberation War, President Kim Il Sung learnt that the officials were doing some preparation for his birthday and called one of them. The President asked him why he had been to the village that day. He replied that he had bought a chicken and a straw wrapper of eggs from the village. Noting that the country was still suffering from a hard-fought war, the President stressed that he could not even imagine celebrating his birthday. After a while of looking out of the window, the President continued that spring is indeed a good season when flowers come out on the hills and fields and farmers plough and sow the fields, and that hens hatch their eggs in that season. Saying that the chicken from the village might also have its baby, the President suggested returning rather than eating it so that it could be kept for its young. That is how the official gave back to the owner the chicken and eggs in good condition.