Brilliant Lineage

It happened on a day before the parade for marking the 35th anniversary of the Victorious Pochonbo Battle. Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a unit of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) and went up a low hill to see the soldiers training for the parade. After a little while, the parade training started. Satisfactorily watching them proudly march in procession, the Chairman spoke highly of their great efforts in the training. Noting that the change of generations is taking place in the Army, too, as in the overall sections of our revolution, he said that even though shift in generation is inevitable in the revolutionary struggle, only the linage must never be changed. Then, he stressed the linage of our People’s Army is that of the anti-Japanese guerilla army founded and led by President Kim Il Sung. Bearing in mind his precious teachings, the commanding officers of the unit made a firm pledge to succeed to the linage of Paektu generation after generation.