Teaching in Detail

One spring day Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the park of Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace (then) for memorial tree-planting. Lest the Chairman, who was always busy with the state affairs, should waste much time planting a tree, the officials placed a sapling in a prepared pit and heaped soft earth up around it. At this sight, the Chairman taught them that it is not a real tree-planting and only when you dig a pit and plant a sapling yourself, can it be worthwhile and significant. Then, he called upon all the officials there to plant trees with spades in their hands together with the students and the members of the Speed Campaign Youth Shock Brigade, recalling that when he was on Rungna Islet for tree-planting with President Kim Il Sung, he personally dug a pit and carried saplings with a pole on his shoulders. Noting that they should plant, with great care, even a single tree so that it could grow well, the Chairman corrected the wrong position of a young tree. And he taught in detail how to plant a tree, stressing the need to carefully cover the roots with earth to protect them before giving water.