Braving the Rough Seas

One day in March, Juche 101(2012), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made a visit through the wild waves to Cho Island. Being greeted by the commanding officers, he shook hands with them before he said warmly that he wanted to meet the sentries on the island reliably defending the westernmost post. Wondering if the barracks were heated properly, he felt of the floor and told the commanding officers that they should take deep care of the heating supply so that the soldiers could eat and sleep in warm rooms in winter. Following the route Chairman Kim Jong Il had trodden, he affectionately saw over the lives of the soldiers with the same love as the Chairman’s, and with the strategies and tactics of the Chairman he clarified all the issues arising in the consolidation of combat preparedness. He had a photo session embracing in his broad bosom all the soldiers and military personnel on the island who had been intensely longing for him. Even when he mounted the ship, he looked back time and time again at the soldiers and the military personnel with tear-stained faces reluctant to part from him and said he could still see some groups of soldiers, island personnel and children shouting long live on the quay and on the mountain peaks. He suggested everybody wave back until they got out of sight and he himself waved back to them for a long while.