Jo May 24, 2023

A research team led by Choe Hyon Chol, a researcher at the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Technology, has proposed a reactor of a new type which ensures smooth ignition of pulverized anthracite coal and determined the most reasonable parameters.

More precise analysis of flow in a non-oil ignition reactor considering the effect of plasma is very important for several purposes such as raising the efficiency of a reactor, lengthening its service life, etc.

First, he proposed a conical air plasma reactor based on the cyclone principle as the most reasonable reactor for the ignition of anthracite coal.

Next, he created a geometrical model of the conical air plasma reactor and meshing and performed a CFD simulation by ANSYS Fluent using an RNG κ-ε turbulence model.

Through the numerical simulation of the joule heating process inside the reactor on an MHD model, he verified that the average temperature on the central axis increases with the cone angle and decreases with the increase in the inlet velocity, and it decreases as the inside diameter of the electrode increases.

The simulation on the electrochemical reaction and combustion process of plasma arc and pulverized coal-air mixture showed that as the cone angle increases, CO quantity increases and then decreases, and as the inlet velocity and the inside diameter of the electrode increase, CO quantity increases.

The reactor is regarded as essential for all kinds of furnaces for high temperature as well as boilers as it uses no heavy oil but pulverized anthracite coal, natural solid fuel.

It is simple in structure, easy to build and environmentally-friendly.