Jo May 12, 2023

A real-time distance education system has been developed by Kim Chung Min, a researcher at the Faculty of Distance Education.

It is an education support system that enables real-time audio-visual communication by computer devices such as IP cameras, USB cameras and microphones. It supports teaching planning, group discussion, desktop share, e-board share, streaming multimedia, online test, teaching evaluation, etc.

A real-time campus distance education system must be able to support a lecture for a large number of distributed students.

The proposed system supports various functions such as real-time communication via text, audio, camera display between an instructor and students, desktop share, streaming multimedia, e-board and sending files. In addition, it supports various types of teaching such as lecture, discussion and examination; lecture planning to set proper teaching methods, time and teaching steps; teaching evaluation to improve teaching methods through impersonal evaluation by students. It also supports group competition, discussion and presentation, foreign language audio-visual lectures and investigation of understanding through exams at any time.

The system can put the whole lecture process on IT footing and improve the density and effectiveness of teaching by employing superior teaching methods. Also, it can implement feedback coupling to develop new teaching methods through impersonal evaluation by students.