Jo Apr 9, 2023

Kuryong Falls is a famous waterfall in the zone of Kuryong Pool in Outer Kumgang of Mt. Kumgang, a world-famous scenic spot.

From ancient times, it has been accepted as one of the three famous waterfalls of our country along with Pakyon Falls in Kaesong and Taesung Falls on Mt. Solak, and what is more, it is known as number one of the four famous waterfalls on Mt. Kumgang.

At the bottom of the waterfall is a pool shaped like a large stone mortar dug by the falling waters.

The pool got the name Kuryong as legend has it that there lived nine dragons defending Mt. Kumgang in old days, and the water falling down into the pool was called Kuryong Falls (“Kuryong” means “nine dragons”). Above the falls is Sangphaltam (eight pools), which is well known for the legend about “eight fairies of Mt. Kumgang”.

Pak Sin Jong, researcher at the Academy of Social Sciences