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The students of Kim Chaek University of Technology have won gold prize in the International Students’ Programming Contest several times.

Our students won the golden prize in the Shenyang, Asian Local Contest for the 40th International Students’ Programming Contest held between October 24 and 25, Juche104(2015) and in the Shanghai East Asian Finals for the 40th International Programming Competition held between December 12 and 13, and were highly praised in the Pyongyang, Asian Local Contest for the 41st International Students’ Programming Contest which was held between November 8 and 11, Juche105(2016) in Kim Il Sung University.

Besides, they won the gold prize in the 43rd International Students’ Programming Contest of Asia-Beijing Region for obtaining the candidacy for the world final contest held in Beijing University, China on Nov. 11, Juche107(2018) and the East Asian Final Competition for the 43rd International Students Programming Contest held in Northwest Technical University in China from 15th to 16th, December, Juche107(2018), and the silver medal and the certificate and the eastern Asia regional supreme prize in the world final of the 43rd international students’ program contest held in Porto University in Portugal from Mar. 31 to Apr. 5, Juche108(2019).

They were awarded the gold prize in the East Asia Final Contest to the 44th International Students Programming Contest which held in the Northwest Technical University, Xi’an, China between December 14 to 15, Juche108(2019).

They were also highly praised in the Codechef Long Challenge between Juche103(2014) and Juche109(2020).