Regular Courses

In keeping with the educational curriculum for training 15 000 students to be special technical talents, the university runs regular courses for over 40 major subjects and over 100 sub-major subjects. The students who have gotten excellent marks and won certificates of sci-tech achievements, those of registered programs and the scientific research prize during the period of the regular courses are awarded the master’s degrees if they have completed their degree theses.

The major courses of the university are as follows:

Major Course Faculty
Machine-building engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical and space engineering, application dynamics, mechanical electronics and optical instruments Faculty of Mechanical Science and Technology
Computer system, information system and programming Faculty of Information Science and Technology
Material engineering and material processing Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Resources prospecting, physical exploration, geotechnology, geo-surveying information engineering, boring engineering and oil prospecting Faculty of Resources Probing Engineering
Mining engineering, mining machines and ore dressing engineering Faculty of Mining Engineering
Ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy Faculty of Metal Engineering
Heat engineering, refrigerating engineering and natural energy Faculty of Heat Engineering
Shipbuilding engineering, ship mechanical engineering, nautical instrument engineering and ocean engineering Faculty of Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering
Electric power engineering, electric machines and apparatuses and insulation engineering Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Microelectronics, applied electronics, vacuum electronics, electronic material engineering and biomedical engineering Faculty of Electronics
Information communication, software for communications and broadcasting engineering Faculty of Communications
Control engineering, information measurement engineering and management system engineering Faculty of Automation Engineering
Applied mathematics Faculty of Applied Mathematics
Applied chemistry Faculty of Applied Chemical Engineering
Applied physics Faculty of Physical Engineering
Industrial business science Faculty of Management of Industrial Economy