Brilliant Leadership

  • Amid Blessings of Love
    • On 6 June, Juche 35(1946) a joint meeting of the children’s union organizations of Pyongyang City to form the Korean Children’s Union was held in Pyongyang.

      Before all those pressing affairs for the construction of a new country, President Kim Il Sung attended the meeting in person.

      Warmly waving back to the thunderous cheers of the schoolchildren, the President expressed his expectation that all of them should grow up into the pillars of the future to bring this new Korea into full bloom with great pride in having their own country. Then he wished that befitting the treasures of new Korea and the masters of new Korea they all would grow up healthily and learn enthusiastically to become heroes to build their new democratic country.

      The President repeated the expression “new Korea” several times in a few remarks of blessing full of great expectation and conviction.

      As though he was looking forward to the new history of our nation where children’s union members would become the masters of the future, the President, wearing a broad smile on his face, cast his eyes with great trust on the schoolchildren present at the meeting.

      Amid such blessings of love by the President, the Korean Children’s Union, political organization of the children in our country, was founded the year after liberation.

    Delayed Time of Performance
    • On 6 June, Juche 101(2012), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un attended the joint national meeting of the Korean Children’s Union Organizations in person and made a congratulatory speech to all the schoolchildren across the country. In the afternoon he appreciated the concert with the representatives.

      Originally, the concert was planned at 16:00.

      Showing deep concern and warm love for the events of the June Sixth Children’s Day so that our children could have eternally unforgettable memory in their minds throughout their lives, he wanted to do something more for them and suggested adding more pleasure to the children who were celebrating the founding day. Then he saw to it that the time of concert was delayed for the fireworks display.

      Thus, thanks to the splendid fireworks display in the night sky that followed the performance, the children could enjoy their holiday with even greater happiness and joy.

    With Invincible Tanks In the Lead
    • Our heroic tank unit involved in the operations on major thrust fronts in accordance with the strategic lines of President Kim Il Sung was supporting our forces in successfully breaking through the enemy’s defence line by radically strengthening the striking force. Their incredible charging speed struck the enemies with sheer terror.

      On the night of June 26, Juche 39(1950), our tank unit completely liberated Uijongbu and thus created favourable conditions for the operation for liberating Seoul.

      In order to desperately defend their nest Seoul, the enemy mobilized huge forces and built a strong defensive position.

      To cope with the prevailing situation, the President ordered the tank unit on the major thrust fronts to open up a route of charge for infantry units.

      His order was a wise policy that led our armed forces to smash the enemy’s defence line at a go and to charge at the stronghold of the enemy Seoul with invincible tanks in the lead as the main force of the attack.

      The enemies were totally thunderstruck by the vigorous advance of steel-like ranks with invincible tanks in the van as directed by the President.

    • It happened at Pyongyang Textile Machine Manufactory (then) one day in April, Juche 50(1961).

      In those days Chairman Kim Jong Il was spending the days of production practice there with his fellow students.

      That day, when a machinist entered the workshop, he saw the Chairman working hard with a file at the lathe.

      Wondering what the Chairman was doing, the machinist approached him. It turned out that the Chairman was filing away the flaws that the mechanist found impossible to clear.

      With no time to think, the mechanic took hold of the file from him, showing his willingness to do it.

      Saying that he was thinking about something just before, the Chairman told him to think about the feelings of our coming generation when this machine is handed down to them and explained that when they notice this flaw on the machine, they would probably decide that former machinists of Lathe No. 26 must not have had a clear conscience.

      He continued that loving one’s machine is immediately the expression of patriotism and that only machinists who love their motherland with all their soul could be in passionate love with their machines.

      Lathe No. 26 is still whispering that patriotism is not at all an abstract notion but valuing, taking good care of and loving everything in the country.

    “We Serve the People!”
    • It was October 28, Juche 92(2003).

      That day Chairman Kim Jong Il had a meaningful talk with leading officials of the Party Central Committee.

      Noting that “The People are God”, motto of President Kim Il Sung, is his own motto and political philosophy, he said that the slogan “We serve the people!” raised by the Party and our Party’s politics of love for the people, its benevolent politics, fully embody the idea of believing in the people as in Heaven.

      He continued:

      The politics that takes care of the people’s destiny to the end with a high sense of responsibility, makes anything impossible possible if people wish and spares nothing for the sake of the people is precisely our Party’s benevolent politics. True to the lofty intention of the President, I have believed in the people as in Heaven and have been dedicating my all to the sake of the people. Providing the people with happiness and pleasure is just my happiness and pleasure.

      His instructions greatly impressed the officials.

    On the Day of Visiting the Workers
    • It was the first day of May, Juche 101(2012) when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the workers at a factory on the occasion of the May Day.

      The workers who had the honour of having the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who they had missed even in dreams, at their factory on a meaningful day commemorating the May Day, the international holiday of the working people all over the world, were excited with great happiness and gratitude.

      Very glad at their machines of high efficiency that proved effective in reality, he highly appreciated the successes of the officials, workers, scientists and technicians who were producing our own up-to-date machinery.

      On the day he also visited the centre for cultural and leisure activities which was newly built at the factory.

      In the wading pool he was delighted at the sight of some workers enjoying themselves and in the barber’s he said it was so neat and well-furnished that he felt like having a haircut. When each of the barbers offered him a haircut excitedly, he rewarded them with a benevolent remark.

      Examining the service facilities and sports equipment for workers, he said again and again that the workers would be happy with them. Looking up to him, all of them were filled with deep gratitude for him.

    By Means of Flexible Tactics
    • It was in the period of Arduous March.

      When they failed in every desperate attempt to eliminate the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, Japanese imperialists invented so-called “Dani Tactics” (“Tick Tactics”) as a last resort.

      According to the tactics, “punitive troops” deployed at important points in advance were supposed to swing into action as soon as they spotted the anti-Japanese guerilla army and once they found them, they had to stick to them to the last moment of total destruction.

      It was thought to be an “original idea” that would make guerrillas exhausted to death after a long period of being chased and attacked without even a moment of break, sleep and eating.

      President Kim Il Sung decided to counteract this “excellent plan” of the enemy by means of zigzag tactics.

      He taught that it would be necessary from then on to march forward in zigzags and to hold every turning to machine-gun emerging enemy and that it would be effective in getting rid of the Japanese “dani”(ticks).

      Under the command of the President small combat groups of two or three with machine guns were left in ambush at every turning of the zigzag route behind the column and inflicted a sudden burst of machine-gun fire on the enemy. Then they moved their positions behind while enemies were dealing with dead bodies, and repeated the same action.

      As the enemies followed the single path opened by the guerrillas, it was inevitable for them to be beaten every time. The Japanese imperialists had nothing to do but to squawk that their “Dani Tactics” turned out to be a defeat plan that resulted in wholesale deaths before the flexible tactics of the commander of Mt. Paektu.

    Glory of Revolutionaries
    • It happened when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was inspecting newly-built Unha Scientists Street.

      Looking around some dwelling houses in the new street, he was delighted that all the flats were fully equipped with all the things needed for living, and that as a result, it became possible for scientists to move into new houses without carrying anything with them and to lead happy lives without any worries about their living conditions.

      He said in excited tones that we could realize another wish of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, who had been worried about providing our scientists with the best living conditions, and that it is the glory of the revolutionaries.

      Listening to him, the officials were overcome with strong emotion.

    Earnest Instruction
    • It was in December, Juche 102(2013).

      North Hwanghae Provincial Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea reported in a document enclosed with some photographs of children with great joy to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un that his presents of love were conveyed to the baby home, orphanage, orphans’ schools and rest home.

      On receiving it, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un wrote in his autograph to the leading official of the provincial party committee that it would set his mind at rest and that the committee should always be concerned for the problems arising in the baby home, orphanage, orphans’ schools and rest home and responsible for solving them.

      He continued in his autograph that as it was winter when everyone was feeling cold, they should take good care of the health of the children and the elderly and, in particular, they should bring up the orphans to be cheerful ones not feeling the sorrow of the bereaved. He concluded with an earnest instruction that it was a task he gave personally to the chief secretary of the provincial party committee and the chief secretaries of the city and county party committees in the province.

    In the Rain
    • In one July after liberation the opening ceremony of a park for the people, Moranbong Pleasure Park, was to be held in Pyongyang, the capital of our revolution.

      That day it was raining from the early morning. An official who was supposed to deliver a congratulatory address at the ceremony was hesitating over the bad weather before finally he made haste to prepare himself to go to the park as it was time to leave. It was some minutes after noon.

      When the official was about to leave his office, President Kim Il Sung summoned him to say that he would accompany him to the ceremony. Looking at the window streaming with rainwater, he hesitated for a few moments and proposed that the President stay in because of the rain.

      The President folded the documents on the table, rose from the seat, and declined his proposal. Insisting on going there to see the people happy, he headed for the ceremony in the van.

      Following him, the official was feeling himself charged with a strong emotion.

      That day the President took pleasure in sharing joy with the people even in the constant rain.

      Looking up at him respectfully, the people were moved to tears with deep gratitude for him.

    On the meaningful day of April
    • It was April 25, Juche 71(1982), marking the 50th anniversary of founding the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army.

      Sitting together with the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters and officials of the Party and the state, President Kim Il Sung said that the founding of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army made our people have their own genuine revolutionary army for the first time in history and wage a victorious struggle for the independence of the country and the liberation of the people on a new, high level, and the glorious history of our revolutionary armed forces began from that time.

      His remarks greatly touched all of their hearts.

      Looking round them filled with a feeling of solemnity, he instructed that our precious revolutionary assets, all successes and achievements of our people are associated with the immortal exploits made by our revolutionary armed forces, and permeated with red blood of the anti-Japanese guerrillas and our service personnel, adding that the great feats made to the country and the people of the KPRA and the KPA, its direct successor, will go down for ever in the brilliant, revolutionary history of our Party and people.

      Looking up to him, they engraved in their minds with pride how our revolutionary armed forces could be developed into an invincible revolutionary strong army that inherited the anti-Japanese traditions.

    Trivial, Yet Significant
    • It was one day tens of years ago.

      That day Chairman Kim Jong Il was giving an official precious instructions on the development of the country’s communications when suddenly he asked what prevented the production of envelopes for people.

      At that time officials thought it would cause no problems as people could make things like envelopes by themselves.

      Learning about this, the Chairman told him in a solicitous tone that the failure to maintain the supply of envelopes would cause considerable inconvenience to our people as they each would bother to make them whenever necessary.

      In fact, it required neither much labour nor special equipment to make envelopes. It was a matter of spirit of serving people.

      He explained to the conscience-stricken official that the envelopes for our people to use would not certainly need much paper and, even though it would, we should spare nothing as it was for the good of our people.

      Then he emphasized that the addition of stamps and illustrations on the envelopes and the supply of postcards in various formats along with them would provide the people with more convenience as well as beautiful aesthetic sentiments.

    Sound of Waterfall at Wading Pool
    • One day in October, Juche 102(2013) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the completed Munsu Water Park.

      Even though he was familiar enough with every corner of it already through the related documents, the plan and his frequent visits to the construction site, he made another visit there on the day with the opening ceremony just ahead. He looked around it time and time again, worrying that he might miss even an iota of imperfection.

      In the indoor wading pool he suddenly turned his eyes upon the artificial waterfall.

      The accompanying officials looked in the same direction. Even after a careful gaze they could spot no particular defects.

      After a while he stated that the sound of the falling water was too high and that measures should be taken to reduce it.

      At that moment they were so ashamed of themselves that they felt their hearts burning like a fireball. In fact, they were fascinated by the thrilling sound of the waterfall, thinking that it was the sound of the waterfall that made the wading pool stunning and unique.

      However, he thought the loud noise might disturb people enjoying themselves far from giving them pleasure.

      That was how the sound of the falling water was altered to be just right.

    Praiseworthy Traces of Patriotism
    • One day in March over 20 years ago, Chairman Kim Jong Il gave a field inspection to a unit in the Korean People’s Army.

      Looking at the metasequoias standing in rows alongside the pavements in the yard, he paid a compliment on the environment with useful trees and asked who had planted them and how many years old they were.

      When he was reported that they had been planted by the soldiers in the former stationary unit and that they were more than 15 years old, he said these trees proved how fervent the patriotism and loyalty of the KPA soldiers were.

      Directing his eyes once again to the trees growing straight and tall, he instructed that tree planting is not only a far-sighted project to landscape the country but also an important one to develop patriotism in the minds of soldiers, and that patriotism sprouts up and grows from the love for one’s own native places and posts. Then he stressed that only soldiers with burning patriotism are willing to sacrifice their own lives without hesitation for their fatherland.

    The Owner of the Land
    • It was one day in October in the year when the country was liberated.

      On his way back from the welcome ceremony arranged by the people in Taedong County, President Kim Il Sung stopped off at a noodle house where he met with the owner in person to have a friendly talk.

      When he learnt about her past life, he affirmed that she must have suffered many hardships and asked if she had done farming on her own land.

      Feeling heartsick of her answer that she had to do tenant farming on a landowner’s land, he informed her that all “legislation” and “contracts” under the Japanese colonial rule would become null and void in the future, that our workers and peasants who had now become masters of their country had the right to establish their own law, that we could make laws holding the slogans “Land belongs to tillers!” and “We don’t have to pay farm rent!”, and that land should not belong to landowners, but to peasants who cultivate the land like her.

      At that moment, there burst out a remark of great excitement, “Does that mean that I am really the owner of the land?”

      He replied with emphasis to the woman whose heart was palpitating with excitement that the owners were none other than peasants.

      Tears were trickling down from her eyes like raindrops.

      Peasants, the owner of the land!

      She had never heard of it before in her life.

      Needless to say, she later became the owner of the land. It meant that she was able to do farming on her own land to her heart’s content thanks to the agrarian reform enforced by the President. The history of the masters of this country began like this.

    The Greatest Pleasure
    • It was in one January when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un paid a visit to Mirae Shop.

      A broad smile spread over his face when he looked round a department filled with dresses in various designs that looked graceful, elegant and special at the same time.

      Delighted at the sight, he suggested that a woman official try one on for assessment as women are better aware of dresses, and he listened with great satisfaction to an official who was proudly saying that all the women who had tried them on took a liking.

      The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was wearing a broad smile on his face all the time as though he was picturing our trustworthy women, who were contributing to the prosperity of the country with invaluable patriotism like gems and pearls in their minds, and as though he was pleased to hold them up in the most beautiful appearance proudly.

      Despite the midwinter cold raging outside, the hearts of the officials looking up at him were burning with reverence for him.

    Earnest Request
    • Several years ago the officials and working people in Kwail County, who brought about a remarkable bumper harvest of fruits, had the honour to have the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in their county.

      Their hearts had been ablaze with earnest yearning, expecting him every moment ever since they wrote him a letter of yearning respectfully from the desire to show him their achievements.

      Shaking hands with the officials one by one, he appreciated their effort for the bumper harvest even in severe natural disasters. He continued with affection that thinking of our people, who would be overjoyed to hear the good news in this county, swept away his fatigue accumulated.

      Then he left an earnest request to deliver his greetings of thanks to all the officials and working people in the county, who had reaped such a large yield of fruits.

    On the Principle of 100% Perfection
    • It happened when the construction of Changgwang Health Complex had just begun.

      At that time, officials were racking their brains on how to secure such a large amount of water as thousands of cubic meters needed for the swimming pool and the bathhouse and to keep it uncontaminated.

      One of the officials reported to Chairman Kim Jong Il that there seemed to be no way of securing water other than continuous filtering once it was filled like other countries usually did.

      Having heard him deep in thought for a while, the Chairman said we should not allow even 1% of foul water in the bathhouse, the swimming pool and the wading pool that our people would use, and that we should seek a way on the principle of replacing the whole amount with pure water every day.

      Afterwards, he unfolded the plan of the area and drew a straight line from the bathhouse to the Taedong River, saying that pumping up the water in the river is a solution, and that it is the Workers’ Party era that makes water flow as our people want it to.

      That day, the official engraved in his heart once again his lofty intention that allows only 100% perfection without even 1% of shortcomings in the service for our people.

    For the Sake of People
    • One day Chairman Kim Jong Il sat together with some officials to discuss the issue of building a dolphinarium.

      Suggesting the building of a dolphinarium in Pyongyang City, he said that our people, especially our young people and school children, would really appreciate it, and that as he was planning to have a funfair and a wading pool built on Rungna Islet, the dolphinarium had better be situated there as well.

      He added that if it was built in the Mt. Taesong area, people would have to bother to take a long journey there, but if on Rungna Islet, a large number of people would be happy to resort there as it was easy of access. Then he took necessary measures and continued to give detailed instructions on bringing not only dolphins but other rare animals, and ensuring the temperature in the cages and the aquarium for them.

      His benevolent instructions showed his lofty will of love for people that we have to try to add even one more thing to the work for people without missing anything, and to give pleasure to the people as we do anything.

    “God of Love” Is Found in DPR Korea
    • “True love for humans is a practical one. In order to find the representative of such love, I have read through the biographies of famous people including historical personages and well-known politicians. However, “the God of love” turns out to be a vision which will never ever exist forever in the world.”

      This is a conclusion a prominent ethicist in Latin America in the mid-twentieth century drew summarizing his lifelong studies.

      An ethicist’s conclusion - “the God of love” is none other than a vision – Can it be really true?

      Who found an answer to this question was the general director of a publishing house in Ecuador.

      He had visited our country many times and had heard a lot of stories about the noble popular traits of Chairman Kim Jong Il while staying for as long as more than 250 days.

      One year when he visited our country, he happened to hear about the benevolent affection shown by the Chairman for the resuscitation of an ordinary worker who had fallen into a critical state from an unexpected accident.

      The Chairman saw to it that a helicopter flew for the life of the patient, and when he knew it had to make a landing en route due to an unfavourable weather condition, he promptly sent a jumbo which was not subject to any weather conditions. Consequently, the worker on the verge of death could regain consciousness at last and recuperate from the injury. That was indeed a story of human love, a legendary story.

      The director was deeply impressed.

      He could not believe this. He thought this story deserved to be called a legend of love, which can be found in a myth only.

      He expressed his impression in his mind like this. “The God of love” is no longer a vision, but is found in the DPR Korea.

    Reducing 3 Years to 1
    • One day when the building of regular armed forces was under way with vigour, President Kim Il Sung visited in person the Central Security Officers School.

      There was a good reason why he visited it before all urgent affairs.

      At that time, some people believed that as it took at least 3 years to train military cadres in other countries, it was imperative for our country to go through the same course.

      That was why he managed to find time to rectify their wrong views.

      That day, having heard different opinions of the teaching staff, he said that we should set the period of military education in keeping with the actual conditions in our country. He added that we should not follow the leisurely examples of 3 or 4 years in other countries, but reduce the training period to 1 year so that we could train military cadres at the earliest date who were urgently needed for the building of regular revolutionary armed forces as required by the prevailing situation.

      Under the scrupulous guidance of the President, the sons and daughters of common workers and peasants were able to grow up to be fine military commanders.

    Braving the Rough Seas
    • One day in March, Juche 101(2012) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made a visit through the wild waves to Cho Island.

      Being greeted by the commanding officers he shook hands with them before he said warmly that he wanted to meet the sentries on the Island reliably defending the westernmost post.

      Wondering if the barracks were heated properly, he felt of the floor and told the commanding officers that they should take deep care of the heating supply so that the soldiers could eat and sleep in warm rooms in winter.

      Following the route Chairman Kim Jong Il had trod, he affectionately saw over the lives of the soldiers with the same love of the Chairman, and with the strategies and tactics of the Chairman he clarified all the issues arising in the consolidation of combat preparedness.

      He had a photo session embracing in his broad bosom all the soldiers and military personnel on the Island who had been intensely longing for him.

      Even when he mounted the ship, he looked back time and time again at the soldiers and the military personnel with tear-stained faces reluctant to part from him and said he could still see groups of soldiers, Island personnel and children shouting long live on the quay and on the mountain peaks. He suggested everybody wave back until they got out of sight and he himself waved back to them for a long while.

    The Greatest Strength
    • One day in December some years ago the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was looking round Wonsan Army-People Power Station, really satisfied.

      Surveying the grand man-made lake with blue water undulating, he said full of pride that it was magnificent, he came to realize once again how tremendous the mental strength of determined people was, and the creative strength and wisdom of our people who tame the Mother Nature at their own will were inexhaustible.

      What he was pleased about before everything else was that the people in Kangwon Province had grown up to be those strong in mental strength in the period of building the power station.

      Thus he stressed that day that nothing in the world could ever overpower the indomitable spirit of our people who are struggling to build a powerful socialist country with our own strength, technology and resources without fail.

    Like Anti-Japanese Fighters
    • In April some years ago the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited in person the revolutionary battle sites in the Mt. Paektu area to meet the fighter pilots who had successfully finished the study tour around them.

      Present in the resolution-making rally, he said warmly that the reason why he made a thousands of ri-journey there before all kinds of national affairs lay not only in the ties with them but also in his intention to more deeply implant the revolutionary spirit of Paektu, the spirit of the blizzards of Paektu in the hearts of the pilots who had spent the Day of the Sun, the greatest national holiday in the snowstormy Mt. Paektu area.

      Afterwards, he stressed that the most precious thing for fighter pilots is revolutionary faith and that a confrontation in the air is just that of ideology and faith, and that the basic factor to decide the winner and the loser in the air battle that allows no retreat is also the revolutionary faith and spirit.

      On that meaningful day he gave an earnest instruction that they should struggle with their burning hearts like the anti-Japanese fighters who won the victory overcoming all difficulties with Mt. Paektu in their hearts everywhere all the time, thus adding eternal lustre to the revolutionary exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and carrying forward the revolutionary traditions created in Mt. Paektu.

    The Hightest and Absolute Priority
    • One day in April several years ago the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un came to the Mansugyo Meat and Fish Store to offer his congratulations on its opening.

      It is the creation of love for people provided by the attentive affection of Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who were so solicitous about the improvement of the people’s living standard.

      Keeping deep in his mind the instructions of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who has been giving the highest and absolute priority to the people’s interests, personally initiated the construction of the store and visited the construction site several times. Every time he visited it, he said that as it is the place to which people would resort, it should be built perfectly so that buyers’ convenience could be ensured to the maximum, and he clarified the orientation and ways of the construction.

      He gave detailed instructions ranging from thoroughly embodying people-oriented and friendly characters to the building work to the location of the kitchen and the signboard of the store, and when it was completed as a highest grade commercial service base, he came to it careless of the pouring rain to congratulate on its completion.

      Looking round the store that day he left a meaningful remark that it is the Party’s intention to bring a happier life to our people, the finest people in the world.

    Hold up Higher
    • One day in January some years ago the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked round a newly-set up production process at Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill. It was a large-capacity canvas production process prepared to relieve the problems of uniforms, shoes, school things and bags for school children.

      All the canvas production facilities resounding the buzz of full capacity which were made by our own efforts and technology were the fruit of self-reliance and self-development both in name and in reality

      Looking round the production process he said with a broad smile on his face that he found himself satisfied and delighted at the imagination of our school children going to and from school merrily with fine domestically-made bags on their backs.

      Then he stressed that consolidating our strength a hundred and a thousand fold by our own way of struggle and creation, not by relying on others, is none other than self-development, and that we should hold up higher the banner of the spirit of self-development first in order to provide our people with the highest quality and standard of civilization as well as to bring about a fresh turn in the development of the national economy and the improvement of the people’s living standard.

    Benevolent Request
    • One day in mid-January, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un paid a visit to a Unit of Korean People’s Army kindling the fierce flames of training at the very beginning of the New Year.

      He dropped in at the company’s barrack and measured the temperature of the warmly heated bedroom and inquired about the supply of heating system in detail.

      And he earnestly told the officers that well-provided heating conditions are the guarantee for the soldiers to improve their combat and political training healthily in warm quarters. And Seeing the water tanks full of fresh water in the washing room, he was satisfied that the soldiers could be able to wash their wet bodies after training.

      He guessed their assiduous economic management of the unit through the fishing the bamboo strainer, various kinds of food stuffs including meat and the pile of bean sacks in the store. And he emphasized that it was just important political work to raise their fighting morale and make the company the soldiers’ native homes with liberal tables and warm beds.

      He affectionately requested the officers to find themselves in the company, take good care of their lives all the time with parental love, and solve their problems arising in their training and duty lives.

    Fresh Water on Island Post
    • It happened one day in May some years ago.

      The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un again inspected the Defence Unit on Jangjae Island and the Hero Defence Unit on Mu Island situated at the southernmost part of southwestern front water area.

      While visiting Jangjae Island that day, he dropped in at the place where the drinking water was provided.

      When he personally figured out the output and the provision of drinking water, he made broad smile on his face as his wish was fully realized that the soldiers on the islet should lead a happy life with no worry about water, enjoying spring-like fresh water to the full.

      He asked about the taste of water.

      He felt pleased and happy to hear that the water tastes really fresh and good; it is good for making bean curds and boiled rice contrary to well water; nobody has stomachache; even the soldiers on land envy them, and a mother who visited her daughter felt good enough to stay there.

      Today the soldiers on the islet post enjoy their lives drinking clear and fresh water as they wish.

    Encouraging Military Commanders to Take the Lead
    • It happened one January day, a few years ago when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave a long inspection and guidance to the tactics training of a military unit in the biting cold weather.

      It was conducted under an extreme condition.

      However, all the combatants attacked the enemy’s line in a flash, overcoming various obstacles, having perspired for a long time just for the decisive battle.

      Watching the combatants perform their militant tasks independently and actively, he highly appreciated their success in the training in such difficult conditions, fathoming their painstaking efforts in ordinary days.

      He highly valued the military commanders, emphasizing that their success was attributed to their commanding in the van of the soldiers, arduous as it was.

    Into Competent Combat Pilots
    • One day, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un happened to guide the flight training of female pilots.

      The female pilots, flying up in the sky with the control stick firmly in their hands, fully demonstrated their flight skills they had mastered.

      Standing for a long time in the cold, stormy training base to watch them flying, he was very satisfied with their high ideological and mental spirits, in that they perfectly performed their combat flying in spite of unfavourable climatic condition.

      He congratulated them on their preparedness as competent combat pilots, trusting that the sky of our fatherland would be ever bluer and clearer with reliable pilots like them.

    Giving Priority to Well-Being of Headquarters
    • One day in the mid-October, Juche 29(1940), the guerillas of a small unit which directly belonged to the headquarters were camping in a valley.

      The anti-Japanese war Heroine Kim Jong Suk recognized a wisp of smoke going off near the camping site. She stopped to rush there in a hurry.

      She gently advised the guerillas not to blow a smoke near the campsite as it was not so dark.

      Then, they hurriedly began to put out the fire. Though it was quenched, the guerillas deeply regretted it with pangs of conscience.

      She emphasized that they should not neglect the defense of President Kim Il Sung, bringing home to high awareness that their casual vigilance would have brought about not one death or two, but grave losses to the Korean revolution, if they had not kept the sharpest vigilance with relaxed laxity.

    Complete Code of Laws
    • On the eve of the 1st session of the 5th Supreme People’s Assembly, a Political Committee of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung.

      When the President declared that the newly-adopted constitution of our country was the incomparably superior to others in the world, all the officials stood up by themselves and supported it with a stormy applause.

      He also clapped his hands in applause.

      He summarized the basic characteristics of the new constitution, mentioning that in most constitutions of other countries; the prospective tasks in the socialist construction were not mentioned, nor did they deal with the labor, never touching the issue of reforming humanity and satisfactorily instructed that in our socialist constitution everything is clarified in detail and clearly.

      An intellectual from south Korea expressed his impression like this.

      “I listened to the socialist constitution promulgated in the North on the radio and investigated its recording. In my opinion, this socialist constitution based on the Juche idea of President Kim Il Sung is the most supreme body of laws unprecedented in the history of the world.”

    Reasonable View of Arms
    • One day in June, Juche 84(1995), Chairman Kim Jong Il gave a significant view of the arms, sitting together with the guiding personnel of the Korean People’s Army.

      That day, the Chairman earnestly expressed his view that he loved a pistol as the most precious; President Kim Il Sung gave him a pistol at the age of eleven; at that time he had no idea why the President gave him, but through the revolutionary road of turns and twists, he heartily felt why he gave it and how valuable it was.

      Then he stressed that he shared his life with his pistol; even if everything in the world could change, only the pistol would never betray its master; pistol could be said to be the eternal companion and comrade; that was his reasonable belief in and viewpoint to arms.

    Going Only with Roast Potatoes
    • Once Chairman Kim Jong Il happened to give on-the-field guidance to the Taehongdan County.

      The Chairman happened to have lunch there, as he realized it was too late.

      When he pulled up at a vacant shelterbelt of a workteam of Changphyong Co-op Farm, Taehongdan County, there was a place of roast potatoes.

      He sat down on a humble wooden settee without ceremony.

      All that they could see was a low table with roast potatoes on it.

      The Chairman helped them to a lot of roast potatoes and he also tasted one.

      His lunch at that time was only two potatoes and a cup of water.

      That was the significant 5th anniversary when he was promoted to the General Secretary of our Party.

    Regarding it As the Most Important
    • One day in December some years ago, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un paid a visit to Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory.

      He personally visited the factory with the view to grasp the state of bean-flour drink production on the spot, figuring out the supply of its raw materials.

      He said that providing the children’s foodstuff was the party policy we had to firstly hold fast to, and that the most important was to give the top priority to the production of foodstuff for juveniles.

      And he continued that nothing was more important than that, though there are a lot to be solved, and that he would make no concession regarding the foodstuff production for juveniles.

      That day he instructed that the normalization of the production at the factory was not just about the economic and technical problem but about the matter of moral obligation and will, faith and conscience of party membership to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, and encouraged them to wage vigorous struggle for increased production.

    Tracks Left on Ascent in Scenic Spot
    • One day in October, Juche 98(2009), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited Ullim Falls.

      Having climbed the Ponkae Pavilion on his way to Ullim Falls, the Chairman found the scenery there as beautiful as those on Mt. Kumgang and Mt. Myohyang. In fascination he expressed that our country is literally the golden tapestry of three-thousand-ri.

      With a broad smile on his face, he told the personnel about the fantasy of this noted place while continuing his march towards the falls.

      When the party of sightseers arrived at Ullim Falls, the falling sound was majestic and reverberating around the inside of the valley.

      Looking up at the scene, the great General confessed that he was very delighted to be there. Everyone was so attracted and excited about the sight of mystery of Ullim Falls.

      Looking at the personnel, the great General told that he regarded that day’s itinerary as the guerrilla style march.

    Personally Feeling Warmth of a Pastry
    • It was one day in September, Juche 100(2011) when Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the pastry shop which was newly established in Kumsong Foodstuff Factory.

      The pastry which were being automatically produced made the great General satisfied.

      He stressed that high-quality pastry should be produced in large quantities for people’s food life, relying on the new production foundation. Then he happened to drop in at the outdoor stand selling pastry.

      He felt the warmth of a pastry in person.

      After a while he repeatedly instructed to serve our people warm pastry in every outdoor stand.

      Then he earnestly instructed to take necessary measures for selling warm pastry so that people could taste real delicacy in warmth.

    Self-Reliance the Best
    • In August, Juche105(2016), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave on-the-field guidance to the Sunchon Chemical Complex.

      After looking around several processes including composition and rectification of acrylic acid, production of water & oily paints, he expressed his great satisfaction that the production processes of acryl group paints had been successfully established on the world level.

      He noted that he was so pleased that the production processes of acryl group paints were established in our own way and all their equipment was designed and produced by ourselves and different colours of exterior & interior painting materials good for painting various metals and wood as well as building walls and also terra-cotta good for improving the soil and supplementing the moisture were mass-produced.

      Highly praising that the qualities of paintings produced in the production processes of acryl group paints set up by our own technology and efforts were on the world level, he continued to say that establishing and operating proudly the production processes of the acryl group paints by our own efforts, our own raw materials and equipment was another brilliant achievement in the sector of chemical industry.

      That day, he stressed that only when we bring into full play to the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance, can we make the maximum successes even in the worst condition and that when we rely on our strength, we can go ten thousand miles in a very short time, but when we rely on others’, we can do nothing.

    Enthusiastic Cheers Shaking the Congress Hall
    • One February day of Juche 101(2012), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un called an official to acquaint himself with the preparation of the Conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

      Having listened to the report of the official, he said we were going to hold in high esteem Chairman Kim Jong Il as the permanent General Secretary of our Party.

      And he gave some detailed instructions concerned with the conference, saying that we should make this Party conference the historic event of holding the great leaders of our revolution in the van of our Party and revolution forever and of inheriting and completing brilliantly the revolutionary cause of Juche.

      And he also clarified contents in detail which were to be discussed in the first agenda of the Party Conference and fresh contents to be supplemented in the Party rules.

      Later in the 4th Conference of the WPK, the decision was adopted amid the enthusiastic cheers of the entire participants on holding in high esteem Chairman Kim Jong Il as the permanent General Secretary of the WPK and on adding glory to his revolutionary life and immortal revolutionary exploits forever.

    With Every Soldier beside Him
    • One day in August, Juche 101(2012) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made a visit to Persimmon-Tree Company filled with the immortal exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

      Looking round several places of this company he said with yearning that the name Persimmon-Tree Company reminds him of the great Leaders to make him deeply moved, and that the company is the one full of love of the Chairman for the soldiers, whereby it is widely known to the whole country and to the whole world.

      That day he read the thoughts of the soldiers who felt sorry to part from him, and had photos of love taken with every soldier beside him one after another.

      That kept him standing in this place for such a long time.

      This was another impressive anecdote eloquent of how the military strength of our fatherland was being consolidated firmly.

    Historic Event
    • It was when the liberated country was inundated with joy over the historic proclamation of the Law on Sex Equality.

      One day President Kim Il Sung was reported from woman officials that the women whose dignity and independence had been trampled down for a long period of time were making up their minds to devote themselves to the building of a new country with hearty thanks to the President, who had brought a fresh hopeful life for them.

      The President said that the enforcement of the Law on Sex Equality granted Korean women genuine democratic rights and freedom and opened up a broad avenue for the creation of a new life, which was a great event in the development of our national history.

      The officials were accordingly gripped by instant excitement.

      Looking at the officials from one to another, he taught a lot of things on exercising the equality item by item in real life.

      That day he gave a precious instruction that all women should learn after the woman fighters of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army who fought bravely with the arms in their hands just like men for the liberation of the country and the social liberation of women so as to boldly get rid of old ideas and conventions, thus taking an active part in the worthwhile struggle for the construction of a new country.