Encouraging us to make a boast of living in this apartment

On Oct. 16, Juche103(2014), the respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the apartment building completed for educationists of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

The respected Supreme Leader personally initiated the building project of apartment blocks for the teachers and researchers of our university visited the construction site on two occasions on May 20 and August 12, Juche103(2014), opened up the vista of “Mirae Scientists Street”, and scrupulously guided to complete the project on a high level.

When it was completed, he made a visit to the site again, concerning about any discomfort in their lives.

Here is a heart-felt anecdote among many, which were shown for those teachers and researchers who were to live in those flats.

Our Supreme Leader looked around every nook and corner of the apartment for a long time that day and when the officials told him that these apartments were far better than hotels, he affectionately asked responsible officials for their opinions.

The official answered in full emotion that they felt as if to make a boast of it to the world, and were making resolute decision to repay for the great love with scientific and educational achievements.

The respected Supreme Leader encouraged them, with a broad smile, to show these apartments to foreigners.

Indeed, teachers and researchers in KUT are now enjoying the life of luxury that would cost millions of dollars in other societies and this really is incredible.

Immortal Leadership