Automation System of Mineral Processing Established

A research team led by Kim Thae Ung, a section head at the Faculty of Automation Engineering, has established an integrated automation system of the ore dressing process for the production of apatite concentrate.

The system supports comprehensive monitoring and operation of a whole process by displaying process data including the information of operation state of motors in crushing processes, grinding processes and flotation processes, pulp density, flotation temperature, pH value, amount of reagent consumption and level of industrial water numerically and graphically. It saves data of process variables of the subprocesses in the corresponding data base.

The process interface consists of process monitoring, grinding process, flotation process, reagent supplier, operation mode and process history.

The system shows several advantages. The ore dressing recovery and the concentrate grade are guaranteed at over 80% and 30% respectively. The reagent consumption is reduced by more than 10% and the labor is economized by 15%.