What is Important in introducing Preparation-centered Self-learning

The review-centered teaching previously applied to industrial management subject has some disadvantages in developing the creative and cognitive power and practical abilities of students.

Ineffective time allotment: Lecturers should, in his or her lecture, check and evaluate how well the students have reviewed, while they should teach a large amount within a limited time.

Limitations in developing the students’ creative thinking: Students are focused on their review tasks, which gives them no notion of what they are going to learn in their lectures.

Dependence on textbooks only: This prevents students from getting related knowledge from other references.

A preparation-centered self-learning approach is helpful to develop creative and cognitive power and practical application abilities of students.

What is important in introducing this approach to lectures is, first, to give preparation tasks to students with the main focus on the students’ understanding of the principles of the subject by their own thinking and efforts and to precisely evaluate their performance of preparation tasks.

For their preparations, students get to use various kinds of textbooks, reference books, terminal devices, teaching-aid system, etc. At the same time, they can have an initial picture and understanding of next lectures. And as for difficult and complicated problems, they can get a full understanding from the explanation of the teacher in the lecture in a limited time. This approach plays a positive role in cultivating the independent abilities of students — raising challenging problems and making an analysis of them by themselves. It is important to make a proper evaluation of their preparation result.

Proper evaluation encourages students to take interest in preparation, inspire themselves, increase their desire to raise questions and propose ways to solve them.

Second, it is to direct the orientation of the lecture to enhancing the independence and creativity of the students so as to stimulate them to find solutions to practical problems by themselves in an original way.

Practical problems given to the students might include various situations in production and business activities and suitable solutions to them.

With focus on such points, Ri Ji Hye, a researcher at the Faculty of Management of Industrial Economy, has introduced a preparation-centered self-learning approach in her subject. It proves to be effective in helping students to get better understanding of the teaching contents and to raise their abilities of creative cognition and of study of scientific theories.