Development and Introduction of Single-Phase Grid-Connected Voltage Sourced Inverter with Reactive Power Control

A research team led by Hong Yong Jun, a researcher at the Institute of Electric Engineering, has developed and introduced a single-phase grid connected VSI(Voltage Sourced Inverter). It can not only transfer active power to the national power grid by converting the DC power generated by PV(Photovoltaic) modules into AC active power and synchronizing it with the voltage and frequency of the grid, but also control reactive power independently.

They realized the control of reactive power in the grid-connected VSI by applying the IRP (instantaneous reactive power) theory, the base of the FACTS(flexible AC transmission system). For this control, they had to ensure the exact tracking of the frequency of the grid voltage by introducing the fictitious phase by the SOGI(second-order generalized integrator) and FLL(frequency locked loop).

Then, they took control of grid injected current by a PR(proportional resonant) regulator with proper parameters, and added anti-islanding detection by active frequency drift.

The THD(total harmonic distortion) of grid-injected current is 3.6% and the time required for anti-islanding detection is less than 0.1s.