Study on Finding Optimal Routes for Main Haul Roads Development in Surface Mines

Finding optimal routes for main haul roads development not only enables us to reduce construction work load so as to shorten the period of opening up surface mines and start excavation as early as possible but also provides good conditions for optimal transport.

So far researchers have used genetic and DIJKSTRA algorithms, A* algorithms and ant colony algorithms, all of which are suitable only for plain surface mines.

Hong Kun Ui, dean of Faculty of Mining Engineering, grasped the shortcomings of previous research while working to find routes for main haul roads in the mountainous areas with complex relief and gave a scientific proof to its limitation.

First, a 3D model terrain was made by using Surpac software and input data for finding optimal routes were prepared by processing string file of Surpac software and extracting the 3D coordinate values in the mine area.

Then he developed a new search algorithm with principles arising in the haul road layout as constraints.

This proposal, which ensures broad-range search with continuous addition of search points regardless of topographic conditions, was adopted in a surface mine. It helped reduce enormous work load of 138 000m3.

You can find more information about this in his paper titled “Mountainous Surface Mines using A* algorithm” presented to SCI journal “Archives of Mining Science”.