Research on a Novel Construction of Probabilistic Visual Cryptography Scheme PBCS for Threshold Access Structures

Ju Kwang Su, Head of Lab, IT Institute has proposed anew algorithm to construct probabilistic visual cryptography scheme (k, n, 0, 1, 1)-PVCS without pixel expansion for threshold access structures based on deterministic visual cryptography schemes (DVCS).

To the visual cryptography schemes are belonged the probabilistic visual cryptography scheme (PVS), deterministic visual cryptography schemes (DVDS), and random grid visual cryptography schemes (RGVCS)

He analysed the relationship between the PVCS and RGVCS in the probabilistic schemes and proved that the two schemes boiled down in its configuration method and characteristics and newly formulated the relationship between PVCS and RGVCS.

And he constructed the off-line PVCS, based on the new DVCS expansion method and proposed PVCS configuration method which is simple in algorithm and safe in information.

His paper “Research on Novel Construction of Probabilistic Visual Cryptography Scheme (k, n, 0, 1, 1)-PVCS for Threshold Access Structures” was carried on SCI Magazine “Theoretical Computer Science”.